Our Toolkit

How do we do it?

ACLT’s strategy for supporting low-income communities stems from our values and our toolkit.

Our values

We practice equity. We focus on, invest in, and and contribute resources to the places that need it most.

Relationships come first. We believe residents know what’s best for their neighborhoods, and take our cues from their stated priorities.

We are accountable. ACLT is in it for the long-haul with neighborhoods. We are committed, and we follow through on our promises.

We are not afraid to start at square one. We meet residents where they’re at, work with them to identify the most urgent priorities, and get to work.

We recognize neighborhood heroes in every community. People who care exist everywhere, and they are the building blocks for our work.

Our Toolkit

We use the following four strategies to improve quality of life in Anchorage’s neighborhoods:



ACLT owns transformative properties, connects entrepreneurs to real estate, and invests in our neighborhood commercial corridors.



ACLT works with neighbors to create grassroots networks and act as an advocate for issues that matter to our communities.




ACLT works with neighbors to rejuvenate and invest in the spaces important to our communities.




ACLT runs high-impact programming grounded in our neighborhoods that aims to stand behind residents and address poverty and inequity.