Our Impact

Over the past 20 years, ACLT has invested in Anchorage neighborhoods through our toolkit of real estate, community organizing, neighborhood improvements, and targeted programs.


Our work has improved spaces in our neighborhoods and quality of life for residents.
Here are some of the impacts of our work.

Concentrated Investment

ACLT has invested $15.7 million in nine properties on Mountain View Drive. As a result, partners have invested an additional $45 million in commercial corridor properties, catalyzed by our work.

Small Business Support

We’ve served nearly 400 small businesses in our communities with over 3,000 hours of direct support.

Community Ownership

Businesses along the commercial corridor have matched ACLT’s investment with their own at a rate of 7 to 1.

Resident Engagement

Each year, we directly engage with over 3000 community members in our core neighborhoods.

Economic Growth

To date, 17 new small businesses have opened in our home communities due to ACLT’s work.


ACLT’s advocacy on behalf of our neighborhoods has resulted in an additional $2,438,000 invested into public and community spaces.


Our work has been recognized. In 2013, we won the National Development Council’s Most Innovative Community Development Project Award, and in 2016 we won the Alaska Planning Association’s Grassroots Planning Award.