About Us

ACLT invests in commercial corridors because we believe that community wealth building starts with strong, locally owned small businesses.




By supporting business creation, local job growth, and resident leadership, we can revitalize communities, provide economic opportunities to families, and make Anchorage an even better place to live and raise a family.

ACLT’s story begins in the community of Mountain View, where we’ve worked with residents for more than 15 years. In collaboration with several partners, the neighborhood has rebuilt its foundation with new affordable housing, public amenities, and infrastructure, all while keeping a focus on the most important aspect of a neighborhood – the hardworking families who live here.

With ACLT’s support, Mountain View has seen more investment, opportunity, and growth. ACLT has invested $15.7 million in nine properties on Mountain View Drive. Eleven new businesses have opened since 2009, including the community’s first bank. Partners have also invested an additional $45 million in commercial corridor properties, catalyzed by our work.

Through partnerships, a targeted approach, and long-term commitment, we can make a difference and improve the quality of life in low-income neighborhoods.

Today, ACLT operates in three low-income Anchorage neighborhoods. Our values and our toolkit guide our work in these communities.