Mountain View Neighborhood Plan

2016 News:
The Mountain View Targeted Neighborhood Plan was officially adopted by the Anchorage Assembly on September 13th, 2016. We’re grateful to the Municipality of Anchorage for their help throughout the planning process, and to all the Mountain View community members who have been involved in this project and who helped make this plan a reality. Please join us on Wednesday, October 19th, 2016, at Resolution Brewing Co. at 6PM, to celebrate the plan’s adoption and kick off implementation! 















Read the Mountain View Targeted Neighborhood Plan:
Chapter 1: Neighborhood Profile
Chapter 2: Building a Vision for Mountain View
Chapter 3: Plan Implementation
Appendix A: The Public Participation Process
Appendix B: Resolutions in Support of the Targeted Neighborhood Plan

The Planning Process:
The Mountain View Targeted Neighborhood Plan planning process started with the 2012 Mountain View Community Summit, which took place on October 5th and 6th, 2012 at Clark Middle School. The summit brought together community members in the Mountain View neighborhood to assess the progress of revitalization efforts taking place over the last two decades. This first-ever gathering of residents led to the sharing of needs, goals and dreams for the future of the community. The Summit asked residents to Dream, Connect, and Act to imagine the future they wanted to see, connect with others to make it happen, and then be accountable to one another for their actions.

After the Summit, the Anchorage Community Land Trust, along with community members, the Mountain View Community Council, and the Municipality of Anchorage’s Planning Division, worked to incorporate the goals and action items from the Summit into an official planning document – the 2016 Mountain View Targeted Neighborhood Plan. From 2012-2015, an estimated 1000 Mountain View residents provided input that shaped the plan, through long-form surveys, focus groups with Clark Middle School students, supportive housing residents, business owners, and social service providers, and at neighborhood events like school family nights and the Mountain View Street Fair.

In June of 2015, an open house for the Mountain View Targeted Neighborhood Plan was held at the Mountain View Library, during the 7th annual Mountain View street fair. Over 300 residents attended the open house, and shared their thoughts on the plan draft, the Davis Park master plan, land use in the neighborhood, and signed up to volunteer in their community. Here is the KTUU story about the neighborhood plan open house, and here is the Alaska Public Media article about the open house.

Community planning efforts have been evolving in Mountain View for more than 15 years now. These plans are summarized in the timeline. Electronic copies of selected plans are available below.


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