Mountain View Farmers’ Market


The Mountain View Farmers’ Market returns for another season this summer!

MVFMlogoforwebsiteIn partnership with Leadership Anchorage, the Mayor’s Office, Catholic Social Services, and many community members, ACLT started Mountain View’s first Farmers’ Market in 2016. After a successful two summers under the sun (ok, we had a few days of rain too), the market will make it’s return with an expanded season and even more fun!

The market is a healthy, sustainable, community-driven space that offers local residents and consumers from around Anchorage an opportunity to experience Mountain View’s food and culture. The market supports Mountain View’s small businesses, gardeners, and entrepreneurs, and allows them to grow their businesses and share their products with attendees from around Anchorage. It’s a family-friendly event with food, music, and activities to create a celebratory atmosphere. Above all, the market reflects Mountain View’s character and is responsive to neighborhood needs. EBT is accepted, and we will give priority to Mountain View residents and businesses who want to vend at the market, although it is open to vendors from around Anchorage and the valley.

The market is located at 3543 Mountain View Drive, opposite Clark Middle School.

The 2018 Season will run on Thursdays from 3-7PM, and will run from June 28th until September 27th.

For further info, email us at or follow us at!

Or, you can contact Caitlin Taylor at or (907) 274-0152.

How to Support
Interested in making a contribution to the market? Click the link below to help make local food into local good! Each gift will be used to help cover infrastructure costs and sustainability plans for the market’s coming seasons.


The 2017 season was made possible by the following sponsors. Thank you for your support!
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Vendor Application
We are accepting vendors for the 2018 season! The vendor application is online now- click here to apply!

Join us on market dates to help set up, clean up, and operate Mountain View’s very first Farmers’ Market! You can sign up for volunteer shifts by clicking here!


Interested in being an entertainer at the market? We are looking for entertainment of all different types- sign up for a shift by clicking here!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How much will a booth cost?
A. The vendor fee is collected at the end of the market. On each market day you may choose to pay EITHER 1) a flat $10, or 2) 10% of sales that day, rounded to nearest dollar.

Q. I am interested in having a booth at the market. What do I need to bring with me?
A. You will need to bring your own tent and table, which must fit inside the 12’x12′ booth space.

Q. How does set-up, clean-up, and parking for vendors work?
A. The market will be open to the public from 3-7PM. Vendors will be able to set up their booths starting at 2PM, and clean-up must be completed by 8PM. Vendors will not be able to leave tents, tables, or any other materials on the lot week-to-week. There will be parking available for all vendors on the lot.

Q. Will there be power available?
A. No, there will not be power available at the market site.

Q. What kinds of items can I sell at the market?
A. All items sold at the market must be grown in Alaska (for produce), baked or cooked locally (for prepared foods), and crafts must be made in Alaska.

Q. What will be provided at the market?
A. We will provide a market booth where we will accept EBT, and will provide signage, port-a-potties, hand washing stations, trash cans, seating, and a PA system.

Q. Will the market accept EBT and will items be reasonably priced?
A. Vendors will be able to set their own prices for the items they will be selling. The market will accept EBT, and will provide matching funds for EBT users to allow them to purchase double the produce for the same price. EBT users will collect the produce they want from vendors, bring it to the EBT booth to run their card, and vendors will be reimbursed directly in cash or check for the full value of their produce at the end of the market day.

Q. What permits or licenses do I need to have to be a market vendor?
A. All vendors must obtain the necessary permits by the date they intend to sell at the market. Vendors are responsible for obtaining their own permits (but you can call us if you need help with the process!). No health permits are required to sell crafts. There are no permits or licenses required to sell produce, as long as the produce has been harvested, brought to the market, and sold, with no processing (no washing or cutting the vegetables). Prepared foods must meet the Department of Health and Human Services’ (DHHS) requirements. For more information on necessary permits, see the DHHS website on food safety and read their FAQ.

Q. What work will be done to the lot before the market?
A. The market takes place on the vacant lot between the Shell Station and the Mountain View Plaza. The lot is cleared, graveled, and graded. The front half of the lot is used for the market and for vendor parking, with the back of the lot designated for our new entrepreneurial farm space, Grow North Farms!

Q. Will there be activities for children?
A. We plan to include family-friendly activities, like art projects, live music and performances, cooking demonstrations, etc. If you have a great idea for an activity you want to lead or see at the market, please email us to let us know!

Q. I have more questions – who can I contact?
A. Email or call (907) 274-0152 with any questions!