Grow North Farm


Grow North Farm Launches in Mountain View!

Our supporters who attended the Mountain View Farmer’s Market last year saw new infrastructure being constructed – fencing, soil, trees, a greenhouse. Questions buzzed. Many who knew us wondered what those crazy ACLT folks were up to this time. In partnership with Catholic Social Services’ Refugee Assistance & Immigration Services program, we’re proud to now announce the first season of business for Grow North Farm!

Grow North Farm is Mountain View’s new incubator space for local food and emerging entrepreneurs. So what does this mean?

Local, fresh food is grown on-site!

28,000 square feet of urban farmland has taken root in the heart of one of Anchorage’s best neighborhoods. Farmers will hone their agricultural and entrepreneurial skills in one place, with vending opportunity directly where they grow. This creates a hyper-local product and a unique experience for customers, with produce as fresh as can be.

Who is farming on-site?

Over 20 neighborhood entrepreneurs are farming on-site, hailing from Burma, Bhutan, Nepal, Sudan, the Congo, Somalia, and more, the majority of whom are women from the refugee and immigrant community. We can’t wait to introduce you to them throughout the season, and invite you to come on-site to meet them!

It is a community showcase where people can gather!

A new farm stand allows customers to buy regularly and conveniently. Once a month throughout the summer season, we’ll be holding open-air markets where emerging entrepreneurs can sell their goods, and the community can gather for entertainment, retail, prepared food, and Mountain View swagger.

It will provide opportunity for emerging food-based entrepreneurs!

Grow North Farm creates an opportunity where there was a vacancy. Local growers and emerging entrepreneurs will be able to test their products and scale their sales month-to-month, and community members can support up-and-coming talent and local food.

ACLT is proud to create spaces like Grow North Farm where the talent of our neighborhoods can shine. We know that in order for neighborhoods to thrive, everyone needs the opportunity to get ahead. That is why we invest in talent that is already in the community, because we are surrounded by it every day. Grow North Farm helps to make food-business ownership attainable in every neighborhood, and ensures that the next generation of business leaders includes minority, women, and low-income entrepreneurs. This is how we will create an economically inclusive Anchorage, block by block and day by day.

Upcoming Events:

Join us for our upcoming events to see the space for yourself, meet our farmers, and support our neighborhood entrepreneurs! Stay tuned for more information on each, and follow ACLT on Facebook to stay up to date.

  • September 13th – Third Monthly Market
  • Every Monday, Thursday, & Friday from 4-7PM – Farmstand OPEN featuring fresh produce for sale grown on-site!


Thank you to the many individuals and organizations whose support has made Grow North Farm’s first season possible, including:

Adam Weber

Alaska Food Policy Council

Alaska Pacific University

Alaska Works


Catholic Social Services & RAIS

Farmer Bob

Great Land Tree Services

Intrinsic Landscapes


Kachemak Cooperage

Linda Infante Lyons

Resolution Brewing

Susitna Organics

University of Alaska Fairbanks- Matanuska Experimental Farm

University of Alaska Anchorage


Interested in supporting our efforts? Here’s how!

  • We will have many other volunteer needs throughout the season- contact Nick Bachman at if you’re interested in helping out.
  • If you or your organization is interested in supporting Grow North Farm financially, we are soliciting help for upcoming infrastructure needs, including a greenhouse and washing station! Contact Emily Cohn at for more information.