Facade Improvement Project

The Façade Improvement Program (FIP), started in 2012, matches funds appointed by Mountain View business owners for blight removal, signage, lighting and other exterior improvements that would improve neighborhood attractiveness and public safety in Mountain View.

Infographic on ACLT's Facade Improvement Program - click to enlarge.

Infographic on ACLT’s Facade Improvement Program – click to enlarge.

Since 2011, nine façade improvements have been completed on properties on or near Mountain View Drive. ACLT leverages foundation, corporate, and state funding to match business owners’ investments into their properties. In 2015, ACLT completed Phase III of the FIP, which helped not-for-profit community institutions complete exterior upgrades. The FIP has also inspired other Mountain View Drive businesses to upgrade their exteriors independently of the FIP.

The goal of the Façade Improvement Program is to cultivate re-investment in properties along Mountain View Drive, and to assist in the implementation of goals developed jointly by the Anchorage Community Land Trust, the Mountain View Community Council and commercial and residential stakeholders. By making business more attractive and removing blight from Mountain View, the Façade Improvement Program counteracts stigma and misperceptions that often keep non-residents away and their spending dollars out of the community. The Façade Improvement Program aims to result in exterior improvements that may have not been made otherwise. It is furthering the new identity of Mountain View, one that is robust for residents, business owners and Anchorage community members alike.

For example, ACLT selected the Alaska Butcher Equipment and Supply to pilot the program in Mountain View. They are strong employers in the neighborhood as well.  The Alaska Butcher Equipment and Supply was excited to participate in the program and planned a major overhaul of their property which is one of the first businesses you see entering Mountain View from the east end. The program propelled them to make changes they had been talking about for years and investments that had been put off waiting for the “right time”. New signage and siding as well energy efficient lighting has given the business a new face that they are proud of. Momentum created by the FIP has also led to other Mountain View businesses, such as the Red Apple mall, Brown Jug, United Way Success by 6, Suzuki Arctic Cat, and Checker Cab, to make improvements to their properties.

Eligible buildings are commercial buildings with facades visible from Mountain View Drive.  Applicants are required to demonstrate financial capacity to meet the program match-funding requirements, and they must be current on all property taxes, mortgages, and insurance. The eligible improvements are recommended to improve the appearance, unify and add coherence to the Mountain View Business District and improve customer traffic.


Completed Facade Improvement Projects

Congregational Christian Church of American Samoa. Completed September 2015.

Mountain View Community Church. Completed September 2015. 

Hispanic Cultural Center. Completeted October 2014.

Lions Club Park Concession Stand (‘Snack Lane’). Completed August 2014

Alaska Museum of Science and Nature. Completed September 2013. 

Alaska Butcher Equipment and Supply Co. Completed 2013.

E&S Diversified Services. Completed 2012.

Hula Hands. Completed 2012.