ACLT Properties

ACLT acquires key pieces of property in Mountain View to promote projects that improve the quality of life for the residents and to support development that brings needed businesses and services into the neighborhood. ACLT is strongly committed to long-term, sustainable social and economic revitalization and development rooted in community-based and grass roots efforts.

Currently Owned Properties

121685adjMountain View Service Center (161 Klevin St.)
Purchased in 2004 by ACLT when it was the Sadler’s Furniture Warehouse, this property was the first building redeveloped by ACLT and the centerpiece of ACLT’s work in Mountain View. From 2005-2006, ACLT completed significant improvements to the interior and exterior of this building. In 2006, the Mountain View Service Center opened, and it now houses seven non-profit organizations, including Camp Fire Alaska, the Foraker Group, Programs for Infants and Children, the Alaska State Council on the Arts, the Anchorage Community Land Trust, RurAL CAP, and the AlaskaWorks Construction Academy.

John’s RV (3543 Mountain View Dr.)
In former years, this property was used as the John’s Motel and RV Park. ACLT acquired this property in 2006, and in 2008 demolished the structures on this lot. The site now features a mural by local artist Aurora Sidney-Ando and neighborhood residents, which was created at the 2010 Mountain View Street Fair. ACLT is currently seeking development opportunities for this lot.

Price Street Building (3701 Mountain View Dr.)
Formerly a property housing Alaska Super Pawn, the Price Street Building was acquired by ACLT in 2011, and redeveloped in 2012. In 2012, the east side of the building opened as magpie studios, and houses five studio spaces for some of Alaska’s premier Alaska Native and American Indian artists, including Alvin Amason, Perry Eaton, Linda Lyons, Drew Michael, 121819adjand Graham Dane. The west side of the building is the future site of a community health clinic, which will be operated by Alaska Regional Hospital.

Mountain View Drive-In (4055 Mountain View Dr.)
Formerly the site of the Hamburger House restaurant, ACLT purchased this property in 2012. In 2013, the lot opened as a site for food trucks and food carts, and now houses Kiki’s Island Espresso Coffee Cart. There are currently two food cart spaces open; if you are interested in leasing the space, please contact Stuart at (907) 274-0170.

West Berlin Restaurant (4133 Mountain View Dr.)
Purchased by ACLT in 2006 when it was Noble’s Diner, this property was then renovated and housed the Mountain View Diner, operated by CITC’s Chanlyut program, from 2007-2013. This property is now home to the West Berlin restaurant, a German eatery operated by Bill Hoopai, a co-owner of the popular Hula Hands restaurant also located in Mountain View.

Previously Owned Properties

3901 Mountain View Dr. (now Credit Union 1 Mountain View branch)16
ACLT acquired this property in 2005, which was formerly a warehouse for the nearby Brewster’s department store, a gas station, and a Jiffy Lube. After clean-up of environmental contamination at the site, ACLT sold the property in 2008 to Credit Union 1. In 2010, the Mountain View Branch of Credit Union 1 opened, and because the first financial institution in the neighborhood in over two decades.

3300 and 3142 Mountain View Dr. (now Special Olympics statewide training facility)
These properties were purchased by ACLT in 2005 and 2006, and subsequently housed the Mobile Trailer Arts gallery. In 2009, ACLT sold these properties to Special Olympics, who located their administrative offices here. In 2014, these properties became the site of the Special Olympics Statewide Training Facility, the only one of its kind in Alaska. 

3340 and 3350 Mountain View Dr. (now Ridgeline Terrace housing development)
ACLT owned these properties from 2005-2007. Through a series of transactions with partners, it is now being developed into 70 units of affordable housing by the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation and Cook Inlet Housing Authority.