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Brief History + Mission + Geographic Area Served + Partners

Brief history of organization
Anchorage Community Land Trust (ACLT) was launched in 2003 with a seed grant from the Rasmuson Foundation. The organization was formed to help develop healthy and prosperous communities in Anchorage. ACLT soon decided to target a geographic area of high need, focusing on revitalizing Mountain View.

ACLT acquired key pieces of property to promote positive community development in keeping with the vision of a vibrant arts and culture district and to improve the quality of life for Mountain View residents. ACLT is committed to long-term, sustainable neighborhood revitalization rooted in community-based efforts. Today, the organization invests in sustainable economic and community development projects that create real opportunity. It has often been said that “a rising tide lifts all boats.” ACLT is part of Mountain View’s rising tide of residents, community organizations and businesses who are coming together to create a vibrant future for this very diverse Anchorage neighborhood.


Anchorage Community Land Trust strives to develop healthy and prosperous communities in Anchorage by acquiring, developing and planning for the land and projects necessary to bring about sustainable neighborhood revitalization and economic development.

As a “hybrid” organization, ACLT works both as a land trust and as a community development organization. The organization leverages public and private resources to acquire and develop properties that are strategic to redevelopment efforts. The goal is to improve the quality of life in the community by addressing issues important to Mountain View residents.


Geographic area served
The Anchorage Community Land Trust’s priorities and efforts are focused on the Mountain View neighborhood in Anchorage, which is located in the northeast area of the Municipality of Anchorage (Census Tract 6). Mountain View is one of the most diverse neighborhoods in Anchorage. Here, 70 percent of people identify their ethnicity as an ethnicity other than Caucasian, with a significant representation of American Indian/Alaska Native, Hispanic, Black, Pacific Islander, and Asian residents. Most people who live here earn a low income. One of every four people in Mountain View lives in poverty (25 percent). Compare that to one in 15 throughout Anchorage (about 7 percent), and one in 10 nationally (10 percent).


Anchorage Community Land Trust enjoys the support of several partners. These partners provide funding that allows us to carry out community engagement activities and acquire properties for the physical improvement of the Mountain View Neighborhood.

Special thanks to these partners: